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This is our trip to Cambodia back in 2014 and we had been using the smarter way of travel since then. Alot of people asked us what is really Dreamtrips? i always say technically its using an app to find wholesale travel around the world ,why pay retail when you can have wholesale? Travel is all about experience and you want your travel to be the best of all isn’t it? There are even people whom asked me, as someone in the travel industry how do you travel? I will say dreamtrips because it always give me the ease of mind, every dreamtrips is always a memorable experience and the best thing is we pay 3 star price for a 5 star experience.

Lets come back to talk about our Cambodia Dreamtrips experience.

  1. Transfers from the airport when we arrived – sometimes when you go to a foreign country, you do not know which is the best way to go to the hotel – Dreamtrips got you covered!
  2. We were checked into 5 star Sofitel, dreamtrips is only 4-5 star not lower.
  3. Private check in counter without the queues –  while people are queuing up, we just walked pass them and got welcomed by our friendly host! Showed our passports and we are already checked in and off we go to our rooms while many non-members are still checking in with the long queue.
  4. While the host patiently guide us through the time to gather for our dinner, as we are platinum, we were told our rooms were upgraded to pool view room and we have a free 14 min helicopter ride included for our trip to see an bird’s eye view of Ang Kor Wat! WOW!!!
  5. The best thing about dreamtrips is that the must do are always included in the itinerary and it is not rush like a group tour and basically its the best of both worlds between tour and free and easy.We have our free time to enjoy the facilities of the compound.
  6. We have door gifts when we arrived too and when its our last night we have gifts on the bed by the hotel and dreamtrips.
  7. Most of the inclusion are exclusive to the group example – we booked out the whole Krasat Pravan temple and have fine dining tables with 9 course meals included and was told this dinner cost around 250usd per person.
  8. We have free flow of champange, snacks while watching the show that is arranged just for us.
  9. Special occasions are always being celebrated like birthdays with cake and gifts – my room was upgraded in my santorini dreamtrips because its my birthday, anniversaries…and more just to make sure its a memorable trip on your special day.
  10. Unsure what to do during your free day? Ask the host and the local agent is there to help you out without additional mark up cost of additional trips. We always get the best suggestions and deals from the host of what is good around the area. – Ease of mind, don’t need to do homework!

We had did up a pdf showing all the inclusions of this Cambodia dreamtrip with price comparison to show you the value. *dreamtrips are all land tours and  flights are not included because we are open in 35 countries thus if we were to put down flights it would be a long list. To book flights you can use our app that is powered by Rovia booking engine that have price pledge(if you book on our app and found within 24 hours somewhere cheaper with similar fare class and timing), you will be refunded of the price difference of 110% and also rateShrinker that is an automated system to check if your flight ticket had decreased in price till the date you fly and will refund you the difference into your card. So sign up today at Dreamtrips website on the top right and click on not a member to sign up. Contact us at if you have questions. Good things are meant to be shared and our finland trip is also by dreamtrips too in the earlier post and we really saved a tonne of money for that. Last but not least why pay retail when you can pay wholesale for a VIP experience?

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