Activities You Must Do in FINLAND! At Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort!

Just a few months after we were booked for our trip to Finland to see the Northern Lights, numerous reports started to surface stating that the natural phenomenon is fading and starting to disappear very soon. Everybody panicked and immediately booked for a trip near to the Arctic Circle for the fear of not being able to catch the Aurora Borealis ever again, even though they thought to themselves that one day they have to be there. That one day was suddenly pushed forward!

If you are reading this my dear friends, the reports that says the Aurora Borealis is disappearing is an absolute myth. How so? Read more about it here: Top 5 things that you need to know before going on your holiday for the Northern Lights.

Now, let us bring you to the World’s Most Enchanting Resort, Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort! The world of glass igloos and one of the best places on earth to catch the Northern Lights. So you may ask, what can you do besides watching the natural phenomenon dance above your head in the comfort of your glass igloo. Wait! Watch the video first before reading on!


The resort is separated into 2 villages, the East village and the West Village. We stayed in the West village, but we headed over to explore the East village as well! There is a free shuttle to go from west village to east village and then to Saariselkä town around 10-15mins. Just to give you some heads up before booking your stay at the resort!

Log Chalets, Queen Suites, Wedding Chamber, Traditional House, Gold Digger’s Chalet and Snow igloos are located at the East Village. Kelo-Glass Igloo and Log Cabins are located at the West Village. Glass igloos are located at both East and West villages. But if you are looking for a full, unblocked view of the sky under the blanket in the glass igloo just in case the Northern Lights appears, go for the glass igloos at the West village! If you saw our introduction of the log cabin, there is no TV and no Wifi in the room. Wifi is only available at the reception and restaurant. So be prepared to get off the grid and lost in the wilderness! Don’t keep yourself cooped up at the reception, there are a lot more things to do than uploading your pictures on Facebook! That can be done during meal times. For now, let us show you how to have fun in the COLD COLD weather!

Ice Skate On the Snow! Without the blades!

Be like a Polar Bear! Fish for your dinner on the icy lake!

Hitch a romantic ride on a horse sled in the snow!Horse Slegh Finland

Visit the Reindeers and go on a ride like Santa Claus!

Chase the reindeer around their farm and hand feed them with their favorite moss. Go on a reindeer sledge ride to admire the beauty of the wilderness.

Sled on semi auto-pilot mode through the wilderness with the cute and fluffy Huskies!

Husky ride
Husky ride – aren’t they adorable? Two person to one sledge pulled by 6-8 huskies

Dance Cha Cha with the Huskies!

Do it the Finnish way!

Take an ice cold shower before heading into the sauna room! All situated right in your log cabin!

Snowmobile through the snowy forest and up to the Kaunispää Mountain at full speed to enjoy Lapland’s Nature!

We Snowmobiled up to the top of the hill for a panoramic view!
At the top of Kaunispää Mountain for the panoramic view!

Pay a visit to the real Santa Claus!

A visit to Santa's house
Make a long list of presents that you would like to receive before meeting Santa Claus hand it to him personally. The Elves will lead the way and show you the other elves that is staying around Santa’s house.

Experience snow igloo like an Eskimo at the East village of Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort!

Walk down the Aisle and renew your marriage vows in the Snow Chapel,East village of Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort!

Ice Chapel in east village
Snow Chapel in East village

Explore the West Village of the Arctic Resort!

The Celebration House, the Elf’s Tower, the Gold Elf’s hut, the Smith Elf’s hut and the Santa’s bridge are places you can explore just by walking! You will need to make a booking with the elves to visit Santa at the Celebration house!

Celebration House Finland
Celebration House at the Kakslauttanen Artic Resort (West Village)
The Elf's Tower
The Elf’s Tower
Santa Bridge,also known as the wishing bridge,as told by the elf,scrap some snow off the bridge,make a wish and throw it into the river below to let your wish come true.Background is the Elf's tower!
Santa’s Bridge, also known as the wishing bridge, as told by the elf, scrap some snow off the bridge, make a wish and toss the snow into the river to make your wish come true!
The Smith Elf's House,The Elf that is always angry and can do magic to his chimney!
The Smith Elf’s House,the Elf who is always angry but can do magic to his chimney with his cute little dog!

See the lights dance all over the sky under the blanket in your glass igloo!

Have a snack in a Finnish Kota!

Drinking berry juice in a Finnish Kota after our husky rides
It is -17 outside! Drinking hot berry juice and barbecuing some local sausages in a Finnish Kota after our husky rides.

Head to Kaunispää mountain on a glass roof top bus to hunt Aurora!

Glass Roof bus Aurora Hunting at beauty hill
Glass Roof-top bus for Aurora Hunting at Kaunispää mountain (a.k.a Beauty Hill) of Saariselkä. You need to make a booking for this via the reception. Check out the various programs to go Aurora hunting too!

Take pictures with the Snow Carvings and Ice sculptures in the East Village!

Norman challenges the Polar Bear but found that the Polar Bear actually feels very cold so he decided to give it a friendly bear hug! ???? It is absolutely free to visit the snow sculptures and ice carvings!


Start a fire to keep yourself warm in the log cabin!

Successfully setting up the campfire place
This is why there is no TV, because keeping the fire going takes some skill, but there is a trick to it!

Go Bird Watching in the wilderness!

While there are bird watching tours that you can sign up, you can just head towards East Village and take a walk. You might just spot some lovely birds playing around in the snow and it is absolutely free!

Spotted a Siberian Tit at the East Village!

Sunday Brunch in a quiet and cosy restaurant

Laanilan Keivari is one of the most famous and most visited restaurant in the town of Saariselkä. The restaurant is located 13km up North of the Kaklauttanen Arctic resort. It takes about a 13min to drive from the West Village. The restaurant is pretty remote, the closest bus stop is about 30mins away. But you can afford the long walk considering you will be stuffing yourself with all the delicious food! Please call up the restaurant to make reservations before heading over as the seats are limited.

The Restaurant Panorama View,a very cosy restaurant.
Tripadvisor’s Top Rated Restaurant! You can really sit here for hours with a good book!
Sunday is brunch day,Its Buffel Time
Sunday is brunch day!
The restaurant Name is craved on a traditional finnish cup Kuksa - Laanilan Kievari
The restaurant’s name is craved on a traditional Finnish cup Kuksa – Laanilan Kievari
5star Trip Advisor restaurant
TripAdvisor rated Certificate of Excellence to the restaurant
The starters are buffet style
The starters and desserts are buffet style
Passion fruit Cake - Yummy
Passion fruit Cake – Yummy
Its all good food
You have a choice of 2 main courses that is paired with wine recommended by the staff of the restaurant. That is on top of the 15 to 20 appetizers you can try! Buffet Style!


Have a bowl of creamy Salmon Soup!

Lohikeitto - a must try in lapland cold weather,a cremy salmon soup!
Lohikeitto – Creamy salmon soup that contains salmon fillets, boiled potatoes and leeks! You must try this because it is made with heart by the locals. A simple yet heart warming and tasty dish! The locals serve this dish usually after your snow mobile or ice fishing activity.

Have a beer or cocktail at the Glass Igloo Bar!

This is the Biggest Igloo in the village, can house more than 20 people, but you cannot stay here. Try the Hot Gluhwein (Hot Wine), you will love it!

Make a wish upon a shooting star!

If you are out in the cold long enough with your camera, you might just be able to capture the amazing Northern Lights together with a shooting star! That way, you can make a wish every time just by looking at the photo!


Pay it Forward!

Now that you have seen the Northern Lights, head down to the Temple of Nordic lights at the East Village of Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort. Ring the bell and wish for the next person to be able to see the Northern Lights when they come to Finland!


This is the trip that is so memorable and the best thing is we paid a fraction of the normal cost for lodging and all activities as we found a better way for travel. Thank God and Always grateful for it.

This trip was termed the “Trip Of The Year 2016” in our memories. It is a trip that we will remember and talk about it 10 years later. YES! I know what you are thinking! But to go on a trip like this would probably cost you a bomb! Either you book a tour with a tour agency or travel free and easy! But the truth is, it will be worth it, don’t you agree? Lucky for us, we found a better way to travel! How about a combination of guided tours with a few free and easy elements?

See you next week on our blog for our next crazy adventure! Faster book your air tickets to go see the Northern Lights! Season starts from September all the way till March! Still can make it! FASTER!!!!!

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Spread your Wings and Fly!Good Luck!I l found Joy and Peace in Finland, i hope it does the same for you.
Spread your Wings and Fly! Good Luck! I l found Joy and Peace in Finland, I hope the same for you too!

May all the force be with you and may the Aurora be ever in your favor!

Remember! Have fun with all the activities!????



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